What is the Dadvengers Expectant Fathers Course?

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Our vision at Dadvengers is to be the UK’s leading organisation supporting dads to have the confidence to be inspiring parents. We do this by providing the tools fathers need to feel more comfortable as dads. Historically there hasn’t been much in the way of resources that dads can access to help them on their parenting journey. This is changing slowly and our ‘Expectant Fathers Course’ is a great starting point for new or expectant parents who need a little extra help to feel comfortable with their role as a father.

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How is it Run?

Our course for new dads is held remotely so it’s easily accessible for anyone in the UK with an internet connection to attend. It’s run in cohorts with a maximum of 12 dads, and we try to have dads who have babies due at around the same time in a cohort. The course is 4 weeks long with 1 x 2hr session every week. We currently run courses on evenings or weekends as this seems to fit best with peoples schedules. Finally, we advise you book a course to finish 6-12 weeks before your due date. This means the things you learn are still fresh in your mind when it comes to using them.

Course Timeline

Dadvengers - New Dads Course Content Timeline

Week 1 – Introduction to Course

01 Preparing for Baby

Mentally preparing (talking about worries)
Talking with your partner before birth, why it’s so important.

02 The Things you Need for Baby

What is a necessity
What can wait / gimmicks etc

03 What to Expect in Labour

Your role in the room (advocate for and support mum)
Why dad needs a hospital bag

Week 2 – Practicalities Of Parenting (part 1)

01 Supporting Mum Post Baby

Emotionally (talk about baby blues)

02 Looking After Your Mental Health

What to look out for
Who to talk to
How it will help family and how it will help you

03 Getting Involved with Practical Things

Nappy Changing

Week 3 – Practicalities Of Parenting (part 2)

01 Practical Things Continued


02 Going Back to Work

Lack of sleep
Supporting mum / baby bonding Work/Life Balance

03 Do You Have Any Worries?

Having progressed on the course, are there still things that worry you?

Week 4 – Now You’re in a Routine

01 Practical Things

Playing with a new baby
Getting out

02 Looking After Yourself

Mental Health Awareness
Dad groups and support networks

03 Course Review Test (Earn your D)

Short, light hearted, mulitiple choice test on the topics covered during the course

Course Introduction Video

Course Testimonials

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