Dadvengers Podcast Episode 12 – Dr Amit Patel

It’s Dadvengers Podcast Episode 12 – Dr Amit Patel. This weeks guest is a disability rights activist, doctor and author. As a father to two young children, Dr Amit had to learn how to parent with a disability, after losing his sight before his children were born. 

Dr Amit talks openly about how he lost his sight overnight and the impact that had emotionally and physically. We also delve into the impact on his wife, and their lives together. Dr Amit and his wife were at a great place in their relationship when they found out they were pregnant. We talk about how Dr Amit adapted to becoming a dad through his sight loss.

We all have funny stories about our kids, but Amit’s hilarious “Poo in the bath” incident is not to be missed. And the way he took to social media for help with sorting the situation was genius!We talk about the hilarious “Poo in the bath” incident. Losing the baby, and life with Kika (Dr Amit’s guidedog). Dr Amit tells us about the discrimination and misconceptions he has experienced as a blind man. And he gives us some advice on how to do better!

We also discussed growing up in the UK after his parents had emigrated from Mumbai, writing his book, and working with the Vision Foundation.

Another fantastic chat! Huge thanks to Dr Amit for joining us – another fantastic Dadvenger!

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 12 - Dr Amit Patel (New Logo)
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 12 – Dr Amit Patel

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Episode Time Stamps

2:37 – Dr Amit on his children, the differences in his son and daughter and the impact of the pandemic.

3:07 – Dr Amit explains how he lost his sight almost overnight, just one year into his marriage.

06:53 – “I had to rely on others, and that was the hard part for me” – the emotional impact of losing his sight.

11:30 – How Dr Amit’s wife helped him to pick up the pieces and move forward “When you’re ready to move forward I am here for you”

14:54 – “That is the type of parent I want to be” Dr Amit’s relationship with his father, growing up and now.

16:09 – Dr Amit on finding out he was going to be a parent and how invovled he wanted to be.

19:33 – “To the left Amit, to the left!” the funny side of being a blind and dad coping with accidents in the bath!

22:42 – “When her harness goes on, she is in work mode” – life with Kika the guide dog.

25:28 – “Anoushka’s safe space is Kika’s bed” – Dr Amit’s children’s relationship with Kika.

26:47 – Dr Amit talks about growing up in the UK with his parents after they emigrated from Mumbai.

29:10 – “I didn’t realise blind people could have kids… I gave him the full birds and the bees” – the misconceptions and discrimination Dr Amit has experienced as a blind man.

35:32 – Dr Amit’s work with the Vision Foundation – working on employment for vision impaired people.

38:03 – “it was hard to think about the bad times” – Dr Amit on writing his book.

39:26 – Parenting Superpower

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us. Richard is living proof of that and can thank him enough for his honesty and openness.

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