Dadvengers Podcast Episode 27 – Joe Wicks

It’s the Dadvengers Podcast Episode 27 – Joe Wicks! This week’s guest is a household name, who shot into the limelight when he started PE with Joe during the Covid pandemic. He is also a best selling author, has had over 1 million views online, and has received an MBE! But his favourite job is being a dad.

Joe grew up in a household with parents who have mental health issues. His dad was a herion addict, and his mum had severe OCD. Joe has started sharing his experiences and uses them to support other parents. This is something that hasn’t come easy to Joe – but he realises the power of speaking up when you need support. He is also a massive advocate for looking after your body to look after your mind. And he shares this online everyday.

During filming of his recent documentary, Joe discovered he was using his phone and social media to excess. And at times found it took over his life. It also negatively impacted Joe’s parenting and he found himself snapping at his kids when spending too much time on his phone. Since finding out, Joe is learning to put his phone away and be present with his kids. He’s changed how he uses social media so that he can still help people, but also be there for his children mentally and physically.

Joe is a work in progress like all of us. Using his experiences to support other parents and, improve his parenting skills. We’re so pleased he shared his story with us.

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 27 - Joe Wicks
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 27 – Joe Wicks

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Episode Time Stamps

1:58 – “I have 2 under 4 and one on the way – they’re nutters!”. – Joe on his kids and whether three is going to be enough!

4:31 – “I’m a naturally impatient person”. – What Joe found most difficult about becoming a dad.

7:52 – “There are days when I am quite flat, and I am quite switched off”. – Joe’s not always the really bouncy person we see on screen!  

9:37 – “All of my self-worth was based on how many people I helped”. – How Joe has learnt to balance being there for his fans and being present with his family, and managing his mental health.

12:40 – “My dad was a heroin addict and mum had severe OCD”. – Joe’s relationship with his parents growing up.

19:25 – “I’ve got a whatsapp group and it’s all dads – it’s amazing”. – Joe on the importance of dads having a good support network.

21:07 – “I was really angry. I could see him relapsing and the instability was hard”. – Joe’s relationship with his dad growing up.

23:05 – “I’m more present… before I was shooting videos and taking pictures all the time”. – Joe on his favourite things he does with his kids and being present.

25:16 – “A lot of people have guilt about taking time for themselves. They won’t get the best side of you if you’re unhappy”. – Why parents should prioritise their own needs.

29:21 – “Social media, body dysmorphia, mental health – it should all be talked about at school”. – Joe’s biggest worries as a parent and what needs to change to support our kids as they grow up in a digital world.

35:20 – “I’ve used social media in a positive way… I’m trying to snap out of scrolling aimlessly”. – How Joe uses social media now.

40:33 – We ask Joe your questions and hear his Dad Superpower!

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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