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The posts on the Dadvengers Dad Blog are here to support fathers on their journey through parenthood. The posts are curated by Founder Nigel Clarke and written by you our Dadvengers followers. Whether you are a father, a mother, a soon to be dad, a grandad, grandma, a carer, a parenting professional, a parenting blogger we want you to get involved. Maybe you want to submit a post or perhaps just drop a comment on a post, it doesn’t matter, we want to hear from you. Tell us your experiences, make suggestions, and generally bring your thoughts to the table.

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Dadvengers - How to Talk to Children about #BlackLivesMatter

4 Mins read
Why we must talk to children about #BlackLivesMatter On the 25th of May 2020 George Floyd was killed by a police officer in broad daylight. Another senseless murder of a member of the black community, it sparked a chain of events that caused people to take notice. It caused people to think about the racism black people have suffered. It…

Dadvengers - Homeschooling Tips during Lockdown

4 Mins read
Need homeschooling tips during lockdown? Here are Mr W’s top homeschooling tips during lockdown. Being a primary school teacher from the north of England these simple tips should take a little bit of the stress out of the homeschooling process. The most sensible answer is to follow the guidance your school has set.  I know from my fortunate position behind…
All about the parentsDadvengersParenting

Dadvengers - Dad Chats Live on Instagram

1 Mins read
Why Dad Chats Live? At Dadvengers we are eager create a network and form a sense of community and ‘Dad Chats Live’ will help us do that. It will a place where dads and all parents can talk and share views on the world of parenting. No topic will be too big and no topic too small. Your kids may…

Dadvengers - Tips on Being a Good Dad

5 Mins read
Is there a Good Dad formula? The short answer to the question is no there isn’t a golden set of rules to being a good dad. Every man is different, every child is different, every family is different so how could there be a formula that works for everyone. That said I do think if you try and stick to…

Baby Club Book - Play and Learn with your Baby

2 Mins read
Baby Club Book – How it can help you On Thursday the 6th of February the Baby Club Book – Play and Learn with your Baby was published by DK publishing. Based on our very successful CBeebies show, the book is full of activities that you can enjoy with your baby. In addition, you can also find out about the psychology and…

Dadvengers Assemble - Dad of the Week

3 Mins read
As many of you already know I am a huge supporter of hands on parenting, with a focus to encourage more dads to get involved. Please check out more Dadvengers posts to find out more. Dadvengers Assemble – Dad of the Week is a place where I will be celebrating hands on dads that are out there representing for all dads. Hopefully…
0-99yrsDays OutParenting

Dadvengers - Dad La Soul Dads Group

2 Mins read
What is Dad La Soul? Earlier this summer, while doing some research into my Dadvengers Initiative, I stumbled across an article. It was about a dad who started a parenting group to stop dads being lonely. Dad La Soul is nearly 2 years old now and is specifically aimed at Dads, Step Dads, Grandads, male carers and their children. The group…
0-3yrsEarly Years

Dadvengers - Why go to baby groups?

4 Mins read
Why go to Baby Groups? In this post I would like to address the question ‘Why go to baby groups?’. It’s already something that parents ask whether they are male or female, and whether they attend groups or not. Each demographic has their reasons for not wanting to go and I have written a post that tackles the reasons men give…
0-3yrsEarly YearsParenting

Dadvengers - Dads and Baby Groups

4 Mins read
Dads and Baby Groups Often when talking about hands-on dads the conversation naturally finds its way to dads and baby groups. It’s a big topic and after speaking to a few people, there are some things we need to put out there. Hopefully this will help increase numbers and get more of a male presence at groups in the UK….

The Dadvengers Initiative

3 Mins read
The Baby Club Effect Working on The Baby Club has really reintroduced me to the world of parenting a baby or toddler. And not living it this time around, has enabled me to look at it from the outside. Something that is very hard to do while being overwhelmed by tiredness, learning new things, supporting your partner, and trying to survive. This…


Don’t be fooled by the name – Dad chats isn’t just for Dads! Ashleigh joined a live one week, and we’ve both been avid fans since. Dadvengers has offered us a real-life insight in to like minded people, the struggles, achievements and laughs that they have had, all with the common bond of being parents (or carers / grandparents etc!)… Read more “Mark and Ash – The Stevenson Life”

Mark and Ashleigh Stevenson

I can’t speak more highly about Dadvengers! In a time where the opportunities for mums to meet and talk can be commonplace, the online space offered by Dadvengers is invaluable for dads. Whilst being led by dads, the Friday night ‘Dad Chats Live’ offer all parents and carers the chance to meet
and talk about a range of parenting… Read more “Raoul Lindsay, Mental Health Specialist”

Raoul Lindsay, Mental Health Specialist

Dad Chats Live

Each week, the Dadvengers take to Instagram Live to discuss various topics. You can view the latest chats below

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