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Dad Groups and Organisations

Welcome to Dadvengers definitive list of dad groups and organisations in the UK. As you may have found through your google searches it can be difficult to find support for dads. Especially up to date support for meeting and talking to other dads. It’s not that it’s not out there, just that sometimes the plethora of mummy support drowns out the dads out. Which is why we created this resource. To help dads find what they need.

Each of us need different things when it comes to parenting. Some people want advice, some want other parents to talk to. Some people want mental health support, some want all of the above. What ever it is you need we hope you find it here. But remember this is an ever evolving list and organisations will come and go. We’ll need your help to keep it up to date and you can use the form below to do that.

If you’re here and you are wondering whether you actually need a dad group or parenting network, check out one of the following articles.

You’ll be surprised how beneficial they can be for you, your children and your family as a whole.

Want to be on the Dad Groups list?

Do you attend or run dad groups that should be included on the list? Whether it’s a daddy and baby group, a dads support group, a parent group that has a good dad attendance, we want to hear about them. It’s hard enough to find parenting spaces that feel inclusive to dads so we decided to create the ultimate list.

There is a criteria that needs to be met to appear on the list but as long as you already have dads in attendance that are engaged and enjoying themselves you should be able to make the list.

To begin the process please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

    How this page works

    All the dad groups and dad organisations on this map fall into 1 of 3 categories and you can use the filter to highlight the category you want to focus on. We have…

    Dad and Baby/Toddler groups – These are dads only groups where fathers go with their children and take part in activities together.

    Dad Support Groups – These are in person and online and are groups where parents socialise, share advice, and help each other on the parenting journey

    Parent and Baby/Toddler Groups – These groups are not specifically for dads or dads only, but if it’s on this list you won’t feel out of place as a dad.