Dadvengers Podcast Episode 9 -Nush Cope

It’s Dadvengers Podcast Episode 9 – Nush Cope. TV-presenter, host and one-third of the presenters for her own Podcast Cheap Chat and she has shared her recent pregnancy journey through social media.

Nush talks to us about becoming a new mum to Shaka, her pregnancy, and how it was having a home birth – both for her, and her partner, Mr M. She talks candidly about her experiences with prenatal depression, the difficulties in finding support at that time and the importance of therapy. Having had her son in lockdown we talk about the experience for her and Mr M, and about finding herself again after having a baby. Nush talks passionately about the inequality of the current maternity / paternity leave system, and the importance of role models for our children.

Huge thanks to Nush for being the first mum on the Dadvengers podcast – it was a pleasure!

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 9 - Nush Cope
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 9 – Nush Cope

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Episode Time Stamps

3:17 – How Nush has found becoming a mum to Shaka… “I’m learning to see life through his eyes”

5:14 – The impact on Nush and her partner’s relationship, and how they’re making it work.

8:12 – Going back to work after having a baby – and experiencing “the parent guilt”.

10:20 – “What’s wrong with me…” finding support for a difficult first trimester and prenatal depression.

16:10 – The importance of Mr M being around throughout the rest of her pregnancy, and the birth.

18:08 – Nush talks about communication in relationship, parenting and with her own parents.

24:30 – The challenges Nush faced in having her pregnancy and having her son throughout the coronavirus.

26:28 – Opting for a home birth and the experience of that for Nush and Mr M.

28:00 – “Why can’t there be a system where you decide as a couple…” the issues with the paternity and maternity leave system.

33:00 – Becoming a mum for the first time – “I don’t know who I am anymore”

35:31 – How Nush and Mr M’s childhoods and role models shaped them as parents and what they will use in their parenting journey.

39:17 – Parenting superpower

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us. Richard is living proof of that and can thank him enough for his honesty and openness.

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