Adventures With Dad: Fundraising Week – All You Need To Know

From 18th to 24th September 2023, we are running Adventures with Dad: Fundraising Week. A week of sponsored events to help us reach even more dads and their families.

Join us in celebrating and promoting dads’ active involvement with their children, while raising funds to support Dadvengers and the work we do with dads. Participate in a sponsored activity that encourages dads not only to spend quality time with their kids, but to also make a difference and support other dads in their effort to do the same.

List Of Events Already Planned

Join an Adventures with Dad Sponsored Dad Walk 

We are organising sponsored Dad Walks across the UK.
If you want to join one of ours or set up your own, get in touch by emailing 

London North – Arnos Grove

Nigel will be taking his kids on a 3 km walk in North London. If you want to get sponsored and join this walk just let us know by email and we can send you the specifics! If you would like to sponsor Nigel then head to the Sponsored Dad Walk – Arnos Grove Crowdfunder page.

Adventures with Dad - Dad Walk Arnos Grove

Nottingham Dads Day

We’re organising a Daddy Day on the 24 September 2023 for dad’s and their little ones to come along, have some fun and raise some money for a great cause. 

We will have local businesses showcasing their activities and services; it’s going to be a great place to learn what is available to you in your local community, and to join in with a variety of activities too! For tickets and more information, head to the Daddy Day Nottingham Crowdfunder page

Norwich – Dad and Kids Disco

On the 17th September 2023 Dadvengers will be hosting a Dad and Kids Disco in Norwich. This will be two sessions, one for under 6yr and the 2nd for 6 and over. There will be Ice Cream, hot food and refreshments, and a good dose of Dad Dancing!

For tickets and more information, head to the Dad and Kids Disco Crowdfunder page

Birmingham – Bake Off

On 23rd September, we’re hosting the Birmingham Bake off! You can get involved by baking with your child / children. Make cakes, brownies, biscuits – whatever you like! Decorate them and bring them along to the event.

We will have a special judging of the baked goods and will be awarding prizes (for dads and kids!) for the best tasting, and best decorated creations. 
For more information head to the Birmingham Bake Off Crowdfunder Page

Glasgow – Sponsored Dad Walk

Rory Crawford will be heading out on a sponsored walk on Friday 22nd September, at the Mugdock Country Park in Glasgow.

He will be taking one of his children with him on this 2 mile sponsored walk. You can get involved by sponsoring Rory or get sponsored to join the walk with Rory.
For more information head to the Scotland Sponsored Dad Walk Crowdfunder Page.

Prize Draw – Signed Liverpool Shirt

Enter our prize draw to win a Liverpool FC shirt signed by this year’s first team (as of 22nd August 2023). The shirt also comes with a certificate of authentication.

Prize draw entries start at £5, and there are multiple entry options available. The draw closes on 23rd September 2023 at 23:59. Terms and conditions apply. You can find out more by heading to the Signed Liverpool Shirt page on Crowdfunder.

Prize Draw – Leclerc Baby Influencer Air Stroller

Enter our prize draw to win a Leclerc Baby Influencer Air Stroller worth £500. It comes with a super quick fold and unfold function that you can use with just one hand.

Prize draw entries start at £5, and there are multiple entry options available. The draw closes on 23rd September 2023 at 23:59. Terms and conditions apply. You can find out more by heading to the Leclerc Baby Influencer Air Prize Draw on Crowdfunder.

Leclerc Baby Stroller Prize Draw

Why Are We Fundraising?

Dadvengers is a Community Interest Company and any money that we raise will be put into meeting the needs of the community we serve. That’s you, the dads, parents and professionals who we work with.

The funding will be used as follows:

  • Arranging meet-ups, and activities for fathers and their children, which we want to continue to subsidise and ensure our services are accessible to all. These activities promote the father-child bond and strengthen relationships. Which in turn reduces mental health issues in children and their fathers. 
  • Expand our successful Dad Walks to new areas. Being one of our most successful initiatives, we would like to roll these out over the whole of the UK. But this will need major funding if it is to remain free for local communities. 
  • Support Dadvengers to attend events for new and soon-to-be parents. We attend them to meet new parents and introduce them to Dadvengers. Sharing the support and resources we can provide them. We are often the only father focussed company at these events. This demonstrates the importance of us attending. It ensures dads aren’t marginalised, and provides the support they deserve. 
  • To support delivery of our New Dads Course and create new courses to support dads in other areas of parenting – like bonding with your child. 
  • Help us meet the costs of running Dadvengers; covering things like insurances, accounting, and staff training. 

Adventures with Dad Fundraising Week… Getting Involved:

There are 3 ways you can support our fundraising:

  • Sponsor Someone or Donate – Pick any of the Adventures With Dad Crowdfunder pages and sponsor one of our fundraisers. Or you can just make a direct donation here.
  • Get Sponsored To Take Part In One Of Our Events – If we have an event you’d like to take part in as a fundraiser, let us know which, and we’ll get your crowdfunder page set up so you can start getting sponsored.
  • Set Up Your Own Adventures With Dad Event – As long as you are celebrating and promoting dads spending time with their kids, you can set up an event on your own or with a group of parents in your local community. Below are a few ideas to get you thinking. Once you know what you want to do, drop us a line and we will help you with your crowdfunder page, assets, and we’ll also help you promote your fundraising event by sharing it on our social media. Use the hashtag #DadvengersAWD and tag Dadvengers in your posts.

Ideas for you own events

Your activities should take place during the week 18-24th September 2023, and we are holding a number of sponsored walks in different locations on the weekend of 23/24th. You’re welcome to join one of our walks, but if you want to do your own thing here are some other fundraising ideas for you:

Dads Drop Off Week

Whether it is something you don’t usually do, or you don’t get the opportunity to do very often, make time to be the dad on the school / nursery run! Drop your child off and pick them up from school during the week, and get sponsored to do it!

Dads Cook with Kids

Cook dinner with your kids throughout the week. Whether you choose to do it everyday in that week, or have an epic dads and kids cooking session on the weekend. Getting hands on with your kids in the kitchen not only teaches them great life skills, it is a fun activity for all dads to do with their kids.

Dads and Kids Football Match

Organise a football match for dads vs. kids in your local area! Just pick a day and time, then organise the teams and head to your local park. A great way to have a fun kick about with friends while raising money! 

Arts and Crafts with Dad

Get crafty with your kids! Spend some time with your children getting into drawing, glitter and glue, and make some brilliant crafty creations. If you need some resources, get in touch and we can send out some activity sheets for colouring and drawing together. Plus we have some brilliant craft ideas coming soon. 

Sponsored Scoot / Bike Ride

Whether your kids want to scoot or cycle, chose your distance, and get sponsored by the kilometre. You can it solo, or organise a group of dads and kids in your area and all go together!

Keep an eye on the socials and keep checking back here!

Over the coming weeks in the the lead up to the Adventures with Dad Fundraising week, there will be lots of announcements. There will be new events, raffles, fundraising totals and celebrity involvement. The only way to keep on top is to keep an eye on the socials. Or keep coming back here to find out.