Dadvengers Podcast Episode 33 – Aaron Dale

It’s episode 33 of the Dadvengers podcast and our guest is Aaron Dale!
Aaron is an author and the social media content creator behind @raisingboys_2men. He is a single father raising his two sons, and he works to help parents put their children first in co-parenting situations. We are so pleased to welcome Aaron to the podcast.

Aaron was raised by strong female role models, but his father wasn’t present throughout his childhood. In fact, Aaron can recall seeing his dad only a handful of times throughout his life. But rather than following this example when he became a dad, Aaron used it to show him how not to be a father. Aaron co-parents his two children with their mothers and his youngest son’s stepfather. After initially finding co-parenting difficult to manage, he learnt the best ways to co-parent and he shared that with us. He also uses those experiences to teach parents how to co-parent healthily and focussing on the need of the child through his hugely popular Instagram account, Raising Boys 2 Men,

Aaron realised he was pushing himself on without a break, and also repeating negative patterns in relationships. He needed some help to change that. So he sought the support of a therapist and he tells us why this is something he talks openly about and thinks everyone should do.

We loved having Aaron as a guest, and this chat is one not to miss. Huge thanks to Aaron for joining us and sharing his experiences. 💙

Podcast Ep 33 - Aaron Dale (1920x1080)
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 33 – Aaron Dale

Episode Time Stamps

3:44 – “He came to see me when I was 9… he said he was going to make more effort. I don’t think I saw him after that until I was 16.”
– Aaron on his relationship with his dad as a child.

6:12 – “Expecting him to come at 6 and he doesn’t show up until 10, that messed with me more than expecting him not be there at all.”
– Aaron tells us the impact of having an unreliable parent.

8:00 – “My mum got a partner… I’ve got a representation of a man living with me and he turned out to be abusive. A terrible example of a man.”
– Aaron on experiencing more negative male role models throughout his childhood.

11:12 – “If a platform like mine was around when I was growing up, maybe one of the messages would have got through to my dad… that drives me to continue.”
– Why Aaron runs Raising Boys 2 Men.

12:13 – “I wasn’t shown to how to be a dad, but I knew how to not be a dad.”
– Aaron on becoming a parent, and how he coped with that change.

19:50 – “Co-parenting only means that the intimate relationship is no more. Your roles as parents have never changed.”
– What co-parenting means to Aaron.

23:24 – “Our love for the child needs to be stronger than the hate for the other parent.”

26:13 – “It started as a virtual diary… I just want to share my story to help others. I am speaking my truth and it is the journey I have been through.”
– How Aaron started his platform and his ethos in running it,

30:30 – “I am the type of man that will go and go until I explode… so I found a therapist and it was the best thing I could have done.”
– Why Aaron sought therapy and why he recommends everyone do it.

35:26 – “There is so much noise… everyone has an opinion. Sometimes we have to mute it and think what is best for me”

37:21 – “As adults we have the cheat codes to life, that we can give to our kids to help them… it is so important that we give those codes to our children.”
– Aaron on how he is raising his children.

41:37 – “My son has me and his step-dad. I would never stop another man giving that love to my son and his mum.”
– Why step parents can be great additions to our children’s lives.

50:10 – Aaron’s dad superpower.

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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