Dadvengers Podcast Episode 30 – Russell Kane

It’s the final episode of series three of the Dadvengers Podcast and episode 30 is the brilliant Russell Kane. This week’s guest is one of the UK’s top comedians, and is also host of the great podcast Man Baggage. He has written an insightful and hilarious book about growing up with the ultimate alpha male dad. We are so pleased to welcome the hilarious Russell Kane to the podcast!

Russell Kane grew up with the ultimate alpha male dad who believed in working hard until you die which meant he missed out on some of the joy in life. Russell was completely different to his dad, which lead to quite the childhood. He learned from a young age that anger was a normal reaction to anything going wrong. As he got older he struggled to control his anger and began putting himself in danger when he lashed out. He realised this was no way to live and that he needed to make a change. So he did, using an intense and intriguing technique called the Hoffman process.

Russell is a hands on dad, and has been since day one. He didn’t and doesn’t want to be like his dad but as he discusses this makes for difficult situations. He also shares how he got his daughter sleeping through the night from 12 weeks – something new parents will love to hear!

This chat is one that every man needs to hear. Whether you’re a dad or not, hearing Russell’s story will resonate with men from all walks of life. We’re so thankful to Russell for joining us and sharing his story 💙

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 30 - Russell Kane (1920x1080)
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 30 – Russell Kane

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Episode Time Stamps

3:00 – “I don’t think it’s usual… I have one memory of being in my cot!” – Russell on his childhood and amazing memory!

6:00 – “If you live by my dad’s formula you will be miserable” – How his dad measured success, and Russel’s formula for a happy life.

9:47 – “He died a miserable man. I could have carried it on…” – Russell is choosing to break negative hereditary cycles.

13:24 – “I could have blinded myself”. – How Russell’s upbringing led to him being violent toward himself.

18:12 – “You’ve got to get to a point where you are willing to make change”. – Russell hid his violence from everyone, and found himself at breaking point.

23:07 – “It is intense, you’re in and out and then if it work’s you’re cured”. – Russell explains why the Hoffman method worked for him.

25:59 – “I wanted money in the bank and career in order”. – Russell chose to wait to be a dad.

28:30 – “I had the first cuddle, I was so privileged”. – Russell on being a hands on dad from day one.

32:34 – “Your child is giving you clues of when they’re naturally sleeping. Help them get that into the right time”. – How Russell got his daughter sleeping through the night from 12 weeks.

35:25 – “The worst thing for a baby… a mum and dad who’s not solid”.  – Russell’s advice on getting ready to have a baby.

37:28 – “She is complicated, has too much energy and ideas. I understand the rhythm of her”. – Russell’s similarities with his daughter help him to be the best parent he can.

41:58 – “It is just not true. And we have got to stop saying it to kids” – Russell on how he chooses to parent, and mold his child into the best version of herself.

45:36 – We ask Russell your questions.

50:10 – Russell’s dad superpower.

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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