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Are Dads Wired Differently - The Truth About Becoming A Dad

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My name is Pascal Vrtička. I am a social neuroscientist and Lecturer in psychology at the University of Essex in Colchester (UK). I am also a father. In my Social Neuroscience of Human Attachment (SoNeAt) Lab, my team and I are investigating the Social Neuroscience of Human Attachment. Our research looks at both mums and dads as well as the…

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Everything You Need To Know About Toddler Inc

4 Mins read
My name is Tom Kreffer, and I’m the author of Toddler Inc., the third book in my Adventures in Dadding series. It’s a series that explores what parenting is really like from a dad’s perspective. I achieve this through journaling. Every day, I sit down and reflect on my role as a parent, and I write. Sometimes it’s about funny…
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Dadvengers Live and Exclusive At The Baby Show

2 Mins read
That’s right folks – Dadvengers are coming to the Baby Show – and we can’t wait 🥳 What Is The Baby Show? The Baby Show is a three day event at the Olympia London. The show helps new and expectant parents find everything they need for their growing family. The show launched in 2002, and there are three Baby Shows…
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New Dads - Why Is My Baby Crying? Comforting your Baby

4 Mins read
In our series of ‘New Dads’ posts we delve into some of the most popular things men think about, or want to know more about when becoming a dad. From changing nappies to feeding we have tried to provide some support for men to feel more comfortable navigating parenthood. This post contains advice comforting your baby and try’s to answer…