Dadvengers Podcast Episode 34 – Iwan Thomas

***Trigger Warning*** – In this episode we discuss topics that may be triggering for some listeners, namely babies in intensive care and baby loss. If you are affected by any of the subjects in this episode you can find support here.

It’s the Dadvengers Podcast Episode 34 – Iwan Thomas! This week’s guest is an Olympic athlete, TV presenter, commentator, Masterchef and a dad! He is also working to raise awareness of group B Strep after his son contracted it at birth. He is a hands on father, balancing work and kids, and doing it brilliantly. We are so excited to welcome Iwan Thomas to the podcast.

Iwan was a whirlwind of a child with loads of energy! His dad was a strict, military man who encouraged Iwan to focus on sport – which turned out brilliantly! But, after spending many years focussed on sport and being a self-confessed, selfish athlete, at 45 Iwan was ready to become a dad.

When his oldest son Teddy was born, he was fine, at first. But just a few hours later, Teddy was rushed to intensive care with a life threatening infection. Iwan found this time incredibly emotional. He was thrust into being a new parent and not knowing if his son would survive. Iwan is a typically strong man, who doesn’t show his emotions, but one day when it got too much – another dad became Iwan’s guardian angel and supported him.

Teddy survived his illness and Iwan now has two energetic boys in his life, Iwan is working hard to create great memories for his sons every day. He is also spreading awareness of Group B Strep, and how easy it is to prevent passing it onto a baby through birth.

Iwan also tells us why his son thinks he’s a superhero! This is a brilliant episode that is so worth listening to. Huge thanks to Iwan for joining us and sharing his story. 💙

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Dadvengers Podcast Ep 34 – Iwan Thomas

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Episode Time Stamps

3:36 – “My dad was strict but that doesn’t mean he didn’t love and nurture me.”
– Iwan on his dads firm but fair approach to parenting.

8:14 – “When I became a dad I was scared, I didn’t know what I was doing”
– Iwan on becoming a parent at 45.

10:34 – “It’s not probably good parenting, but sometimes I have to go for the easy life here and there”
– Why we should choose our battles as parents!

13:07 – “There was a bit of nerves but I was so thrilled I was going to be a dad!”

15:41 – “Teddy had Group B Strep… they said “It is very bad”
– Iwan shares his son’s life threatening illness and how to get tested as an expectant parent.

19:28 – “I find myself rushing back – I want to get home as soon as I can.”
– How life has changed for Iwan now he is a dad.

23:54 – “He was a dad in the hospital, he’d seen me and he asked if he could come and hug me.”
– How the kindness of a stranger helped Iwan at the most difficult time.

32:28 – “As a father when he came home, the bond with his mum felt it was stronger than mine, but as a dad you feel a spare part.”
– Iwan on bonding with his newborn children.

37:00 – “We bring him into our bed. He won’t do it forever… I do whatever works.”
– Iwan on coping with a child who doesn’t sleep well.

40:40 – “It came from the JCB song… I think what a great memory so I bought a 72 year old truck!”
– Why Iwan brought a classic car to make memories with his boys!

43:47 – “Becoming a dad myself has made me appreciate my dad even more”
– Why Iwan is so thankful to his own dad, for shaping him into the father he is today.

47:49 – Iwan’s dad superpower

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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