Dadvengers Podcast Episode 31 – Rory Crawford

The Dadvengers Podcast is back with its fourth series – episode 31, Rory Crawford! We’re starting with not only a friend, but a fan! This week’s guest is a fellow CBeebies presenter, a marine conservationist, and also a nature enthusiast. But most of all he is a loving father. Rory is doing it all!

Rory grew up in a household with both his parents and three siblings. He was surrounded by strong male role models who taught him the things that are most important to him now. He also gained his love of the environment from his grandfather. And his strong sense of justice from his father – and we loved hearing all about it!

We also talk all about the ridiculous paternity leave system in the UK. Why there shouldn’t be a bottle vs. breast feeding debate. And the thing that scares Rory most bringing children up in the current climate.

It’s a brilliant chat, and another one that you don’t want to miss, and we send huge thanks to Rory for being a great guest!

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 31 – Rory Crawford

Episode Time Stamps

01:30 – “Everyone’s got a podcast now Nigel – but I jumped in and I loved it.” – Rory on why he is a fan of the Podcast!

06:50 – “It was a charmed childhood. And kind of old school. My dad worked and mum stayed at home raising us kids.” – Rory talks about his childhood in Glasgow.

07:54 – “My dad worked in health promotion. I grew up wearing t-shirts from his campaigns. Like don’t dance with drugs!” – Rory tells us about his dad’s job, and his interesting wardrobe as a kid!

13:51 – “My dad is most proud of us being principled people. If we believe in something… we stand up and say something.” – Rory also tells us what his dad is most proud of in his children.

19:56 – “Getting that language has only become more common in the past 10-5 years. To understand trauma and feel ok to talk about it” – Rory on the positive changes happening in talking about mental health.

24:50 – “Going from one to two is more than twice as hard… you don’t expect it!” – Rory on the change from having one, to two children,

30:03 – “Some of it is mindset. If you’re prepared and calmer… invariably that helps”. – Rory on handling tricky conversations with his kids.

32:56 – “I knew how it felt to be hit and feel scared… It also had some affect in me deciding not to do that.” – Rory tells us why he’s strongly against smacking his own kids.

35:08 – “You come in with an impression that breastfeeding is the most natural thing you can do. But it isn’t that straightforward.” – Rory tells us why they hybrid fed their first child and the stigma around it.

42:31 – “It is utterly preposterous and it is not enough time. It doesn’t recognise the benefits of having two parents around to support and work together.” – Rory on the UK’s Paternity Leave.

47:08 – “It can feel like Armageddon… for me that is the big thing that I worry about”. – What worries Rory most about the environmental crisis.

52:51 – “The main thing is to feel passion about it – for children it is inbuilt”. How Rory teaches his kids about the importance of looking after the planet.

57:22 – “The moments I find are golden in parenting are when you see them acting in a way with someone else.” – Rory shares the moments knows he is getting parenting right!

58:40 – Rory’s dad superpower.

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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