Dadvengers Podcast Episode 28 – Liv Thorne AKA @Livsalone

It’s the Dadvengers Podcast episode 28 – Liv Thorne aka @livsalone.

Today’s guest is an inspirational mum. Having always wanted to be a parent, she didn’t have one ingredient she needed to make that happen – someone to be the dad. Liv had been joking about using a sperm donor since her 20’s. Then at 38, she stopped joking added “sperm to pram” online and started her journey.

Liv also started sharing her story on social media. She couldn’t find donor parents sharing their stories when she set out, despite there being thousands of women all over the world choosing this route. It was a taboo subject and Liv is changing that!

Liv’s raising her son to be open minded and aware of his white privilege. She doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations. And she has a village of people to support her parenting. Including a small army of great male role models for her son. Liv wrote a book about her journey to parenthood called Liv’s Alone: Amateur Adventures into Solo Parenthood. While writing, she realised she wasn’t as “Okay” with her past as she thought. Losing both her parents before the age of 18 had a huge impact – and after writing she knew she needed to deal with that.

Listen out for Liv’s opinions on support for dad’s – and why she’s a Dadvengers supporter. As a solo mum hearing her thoughts on this is fascinating and one not to miss. We can’t thank Liv enough for joining us and sharing her story.💙

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 28 - Liv Thorne
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 28 – Liv Thorne (@livsalone)

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Episode Time Stamps

2:05 – ““There must be other people like me”.
– Why Liv started sharing her journey to parenthood online.

9:22 – “I was googling it… who buys sperm online!?”.
– How Liv started the donor journey, and buying the important ingredient she needed!

14:20 – “Touch wood, I’ve never had a troll or anything unpleasant except for…”. – The only time Liv’s ever experienced negativity online (and it wasn’t through social media!).

17:02 – “Male friends get giggly when you talk about sperm”. – The reactions Liv has had when talking about getting a sperm donor.

20:04 – “I started looking at familial health”. – How Liv chose her sperm donor, and why him being a guitar player wasn’t that important!

28:00 – “He knows he doesn’t have a dad, he knows he has a donor”. – How Liv talks to Herb about his parentage and potentially difficult conversations.

36:07 – “There are men in his life, just not a grandad or a dad”. – Liv on having good role models in her son’s life.  

37:42 – “I’m hoping he will talk to me, or say ‘mum can we talk to Uncle Steven about that’.”. – How Liv’s planning have the stereotypical “father-son” conversations with Herb.

44:10 – “Men aren’t sailing through that”. – Liv shares her opinion on men’s parenting experiences and support for dads.

49:33 – “Both my parents had died, but I thought I was fine”. – Liv on realised she needed some help with past issues when writing her book.

52:52 – Liv answers your questions.

57:39 Liv’s dad superpowers!

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Whether you are male, female, and parent or a parenting professional there’s lots to be learned by listening to men tell their stories. We also have a comments box below if you’d like to leave your thoughts.

Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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