Children’s Mental Health awareness
Children’s Mental Health awareness
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Dad Chats Live – Mindfulness and Mental Health in our Children

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Dad Chats Live – Mindfulness and mental health in our children.

This week, after Simone Biles stepped out of Olympics to look after her mental wellbeing. We wanted to discuss this important topic. If you’ve been around Dadvengers before, you will know that we think mental health and wellbeing is just as important as the physical. So we were 100% behind Simone and applaud her for putting her mental wellbeing top of her agenda.

With this topic being high on the media agenda this week, we wanted to talk about how important it is for our kids to learn about mental health too. We asked our community what they do to ensure that their children understand the importance of their mental wellness as well as the physical. We touched on the mindfulness and mental health that is needed to keep them mentally healthy.

This led into the coping mechanisms that we teach our kids to help them look after their mental health. There are some great tools out there for helping the kids with their mental health – mindfulness techniques, meditation,

Last up, we talked Parenting Olympics! What would your gold medal event be? Sneaking in veg to their diet? Changing a nappy in record time? Peaceful bedtimes? Getting the biggest belly laughs… we want to know what you’re winning!

Topics we covered:

1: How do we (or do we do enough to) help our children understand that our mental wellness is equally as important as our physical health.

2: What coping mechanisms can we teach our children to help them handle situations that might cause mental health issues?

3: What would you compete in if you were in the parenting Olympics? Are you the quickest nappy changer? Or the stealthiest at getting out of the room at nap time?

A Blog Post that may help

Earlier this year we were joined by Adrian Bethune who also wrote a blog piece entitled Children’s Wellbeing – Why it’s important and how can dads support. It gives a great insight into how we might promote mental wellness in our children and give them the tools they need to navigate the trials and tribulations that life throws at them.

Part 1 Dad Chats Live – Mindfulness and Mental Health in our Children

Part 2 Dad Chats Live – Mindfulness and Mental Health in our Children

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