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Dad Chats Live – Important Things To Teach Our Kids.

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We had another great dad chat last night all about the important things to teach our kids.

Whether these are the things your parents taught you, or they’re things you wish you’d been taught. We wanted to hear all about the things that are most important for you to teach your kids. And it led to a great chat!

There were some great examples that were brought up in the live and in the comments. Special thanks go to @aaronholleran, @chenyboi, @jaykotula19 , @iain.dick, @dad_with_a_crazy_family and @mateu_jackson for joining us. This is a great episode that you’re going to want to see – check it out now!

Looking for More Important Things to Teach Our Kids?

We cover a range of topics here at Dadvengers, one of which is all about diversity and inclusivity. It is something that is really important to us. We believe teaching our kids about diversity and inclusion is one of the most important lessons they need in life. Check out some of our posts on the topic:

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