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Dad Chats Live – Educating Our Kids About Diversity; Why Its Important and How To Do It

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Topics covered:

As this month is Black History month we wanted to include the topic in one of our chats. So this week we talked about educating our kids about diversity. An important chat that touches on what some people find a difficult subject! The three topics were:

1. How and why we should teach our children about diversity. And the best ways to go about this?

2. How do we educate ourselves on the subject. If as parents we don’t learn about race and diversity and inclusion how do we expect to be able to help teach our children?

3. Our light hearted topic this week was times that our kids have made us laugh the hardest.

If you enjoy this chat and want more resources on the subject make sure you check out our blog post on How to talk to children about #blacklivesmatter . It’s a piece that was directly inspired from the murder of George Floyd, and is a good resource for those wanting to educate themselves on issues of race before beginning with their kids.

You might want to check out the chat we had in the days post George Floyd. It was an incredible chat with dads from the US and UK at a time when all the world was talking about the same thing. Still one of our best chats to date.

Also, there are some great podcast episodes that talk about racism and diversity – including how different dads talk to their children about this subject. Check them out…

Part 1:

Part 2:

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