Dad Chats Live - Black History Month
Dad Chats Live - Black History Month
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Black History Month 2021 What We Still Need To Learn

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This week’s chat marks the end of Black History Month 2021, so we revisited this important topic. We chatted to our community about what they’d learnt this month,

We talked about the importance of sharing resources with other parents, and how some of our community shared resources with their children’s nurseries to help them educate other young minds. The chat covered what we had learned ourselves this month, how we strive to learn more, and how we can educate people in the right way.

Then, we had a good conversation about the language we use, and how even when we think we are being helpful, it can be unintentionally harmful. These conversations are so important to make sure we are supporting all Black and Ethnic minority communities in the right ways.

As always we thank every member of our community that got involved in the chat – it was great to hear from you all!

More On This Topic.

As you know, we don’t just talk about race, racism and diversity during Black History Month. This is something we are passionate about discussing all year round. So we have some great chats and resources across the site. If you’re looking for more we recommend watching our dad chats on: Talking about Race, Racism and Diversity, The George Floyd Murder One Year On, and Educating Our Kids About Diversity – and Why It’s So Important.
Nigel’s great and informative blog post entitled “How To Talk To Children About #BlackLivesMatter”.

And of course, the brilliant podcast episodes that discuss this issue, these episodes include: John Lashley (Brooklyn Brownie Company)Elliott RaeAmos Hurst and Nihal Arthanayake. Click on the picture below to head straight to the episode you want to listen to first.

Topics We Covered:

1. Since our chat at the start of Black History Month, have you tried to talk to your children about diversity, race and racism more?

2. Have you begun to educate yourself more, or tried to educate those around you?

3. We asked at the beginning of the month for your favourite resources for kids and/or parents. So we want to ask again for any new resources you’ve found!

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