Dadchats - The benefits of outdoor play
Dadchats - The benefits of outdoor play
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Dad Chats Live – The Great Benefits of Outdoor Play

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Dad Chats Live – talking about the benefits of outdoor play on our children’s development, health and well-being!
With special guest Helen Stroudley from @peeplecentre

The brilliant Helen Stroudley joined Nigel to talk about why playing outdoors is so important! It has a great positive impact on our health and happiness – and does the same for our children. Whether you just get out for a walk or plan a full outside day – Helen tells us why we need to make the most of being outdoors.

Helen also tells us how to be best prepared for getting outdoors, so that there is no stress when we’re there. From simply packing extra clothes, to wearing wellies for jumping in puddles! We know our children love to get outside, but hearing an expert tell us why it is so good for us all was a really brilliant chat – Thanks Helen!

A blog post on the subject.

Helen has also written us a brilliant blog Why Outdoor Play is Great for Your Health and Happiness She shares some great ideas for things to do with your kids to get the benefits of outdoor play. and answers the following questions

  • Does it matter where we go?
  • What learning happens outside?
  • What can you do outside?

Make sure you check it out!

Plus if you want to know Why it’s important for dads to play with their kids more Susie Robbins joined us on another Dad Chat and wrote us a blog post answering the following.

  • How will play help us bond and improve our relationship?
  • What kind of play is important for dads?
  • Isn’t there a better way to use our time?

Part 1 Dad Chats Live – Benefits of outdoor play

Part 2 Dad Chats Live – Benefits of outdoor play

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