Dadvengers Podcast Episode 3 – Kelvin Fletcher

Dadvengers Podcast Episode 3 – Kelvin Fletcher is here and it’s a good one. Not only did he spend 20 years on the popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale, but he has also been showcasing his skills as motor racing driver since 2012. Oh, and he recently also found some time to become the 2019 Strictly Come Dancing Champion! What a guest and what a chat we had!

Talking to Kelvin it’s easy to see how much he appreciates family and how much he loves being a dad. He’s a role model for fathers of all ages and it was inspiring to hear how he’s coped with the work-life balance as a dad. Especially being as busy as he is. Futhermore, listening to Kelvin talk about his relationship with his father and how that has changed over the years is a very encouraging story too. It reinforces how important it is to build relationships with our kids and that those relationships go through different stages.

Dadvengers Podcast Episode 3 - Kelvin Fletcher
Episode 3 – Kelvin Fletcher

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Episode Time Codes

1:51 – The Strictly Come Dancing routine, sacrifices and the impact on Kelvin’s family – “Three or four weeks was the longest I did without seeing them”.

4:12 – Kelvin talks working away and how he feels about it and balancing family time.

5:07 – “I went to bed from 3 or 4 years old with a spanner” – Kelvin talks about his love of Speedway and the safety, and fun of the sport!

08:48 – Kelvin opens up about his aspirations for his own children.

13:55 – How Kelvin’s relationship with his own dad has grown since his childhood.

16:00 – “We had an hour of Barbie… it didn’t last as long as I wanted it to!” – The things Kelvin’s children love to play with and what they’re like.

18:50 – How Kelvin and his wife are still figuring out parenting two young children, and the impact of a lack of routine.

21:51 – Kelvin talks about how his children are experimenting, evolving and learning – and how he supports that.

27:11 – Sleeping in dens on a week night… Kelvin has taken things from his childhood he wasn’t allowed to do – and lets his kids do them!

29:15 – Kelvin’s witnessed a friend’s difficulties in seeing their own children. He tells us the impact of court rulings not being followed – “all he wants to do is to be an active figure in his child’s life”

33:32 – “Are dad’s getting equal rights here?” Kelvin’s view on the inequality of the legal system and the lack of repercussions on mum’s in the court system.

35:05 – Kelvin shares his advice for parents in similar situations, and how he encourages his friends to write down their feelings to share with the kids when they’re older.

36:11 – “It’s crucial” –Kelvin tells us the importance of dads talking to each other about their experiences.

38:53 – Kelvin’s dad fail with a French plait – “That parent nod…. he’s had a go bless him!”  

41:05 – Parenting Superpower!

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Whether you are male, female, and parent or a parenting professional there’s lots to be learned by listening to men tell their stories. We also have a comments box below if you’d like to leave your thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that you manage to take something from it. Kelvin is an enthusiastic father who doesn’t always stick to the rules but is 100% committed to given his children the opportunity to be whatever they want to be.

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