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Dad Chats Live – Worrying About Our Children and How To Manage It

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Dad Chats – 17 July 2020:  This week, we’re talking about what worrying about our children, baby sitters, and times the kids think they have pulled the wool over our eyes!

No matter how young our children are, we parents can be full of worries for them growing up. So this week we chatted about what we are worrying about for our children. Maybe you had some negative experiences at school that you worry they will also experience, or they show behaviours you think will never change? Maybe you worry they simply won’t like you? Whatever the worries, we wanted to hear them all.

Next up we chat babysitters. We can’t be with our kids 24/7, so we need to leave our little ones with trusted people sometimes. How do you choose your babysitters? Are they always family or close friends? How do we make the decision to trust someone with our kids? Your views on this subject were really great – and we got some brilliant tips!

As a light hearted topic we wanted to hear about the times our kids think they’ve got us fooled. There are times when our kids think they’re mini geniuses and can get away with anything, but really we knew the full story! This question had us laughing… a lot!

Topics we covered:
  1. What are we worried about most about our kids growing up? Are we worried they won’t fit in, or that they will misbehave, or that they won’t like us? Looking forward to this as it will be an interesting one to see the range of different things that come up.  
  2. Baby-Sitters. When we need help with childcare who do we turn to? And are we always happy with the choices we have to make? We all have to come up with different solutions at some point. What are yours?
  3. Have we got any stories of when the kids think they have pulled the wool over our eyes but really, we know the full story?

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More On The Subject of Worrying About Our Children:

Worrying about our children is normal, but sometimes those worries can turn into anxieties that are hard to get rid of.

We had the amazing Saleema Davies join us for a Dad Chat all about Learning How to Cope With Anxiety.
She also wrote a blog on the subject. It’s entitled How To Manage Your Anxiety, So That You Can Help Your Kids Manage Theirs. And is a great beginners resource to learn more about the things we can do every day to cope with our anxieties. We suggest you grab a drink, sit back and read Saleema’s wisdom!

Part 1: Worrying About Our Children

Part 2:

Part 3:

Did you enjoy these topics? Have you got any suggestions for things we should talk about in future? Get in touch and let us know!

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