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Dad Chats Live - The Important Relationship Between Fathers And Daughters

1 Mins read

Fathers And Daughters This week we delved into the relationship between dads and their daughters. The dad-daughter relationship is special, and one that can have some different challenges! So we chatted all things fathers and daughters. From how these dads felt about being dad of girls, the fears and challenges it can bring up. To how they manage the little…

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Dad Chats Live - Discussing Men's Mental Health

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 15th May 2022, discussing men’s mental health. This week we talked about a topic that is really important to us. A big part of what we want to do here at Dadvengers is to improve the conversation and support around men’s mental health. What better week to talk about that than Mental Health Awareness week?! We…
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Dad Chats Live - Approaching Grief with Children

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 18 September 2020: talking about approaching grief with children, crying in front of your kids and your dream man cave?! Grief is something that will impact all of our lives, and no matter how much we want to protect our children from that, it will impact them to. So this week we chatted about approaching grief…
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Dad Chats Live - Parental Life Lessons

2 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 12 September 2020. Talking about parental life lessons, curling parents, and dad computer games. This week we delved into the life lessons we give our children. Some life lessons are more important than others, and some really stick with us. Have you given any life lessons to your children yet? Can you remember the parental life…
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Dad Chats Live - Post Lockdown Anxieties

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 21 August 2020, Post Lockdown Anxieties.   A friday night can only mean one thing at Dadvengers – Dad Chats Live! But this week the technology wasn’t on our side, so the chat was held on Nigel’s Instagram page instead. But don’t worry, the link below will still take you straight to the chat. So with…