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Dad Chats Live – Discussing Men’s Mental Health

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Dad Chats Live – 15th May 2022, discussing men’s mental health.

This week we talked about a topic that is really important to us. A big part of what we want to do here at Dadvengers is to improve the conversation and support around men’s mental health. What better week to talk about that than Mental Health Awareness week?!

We held an open mic talking all about mental health and delved into the experiences and opinions of our community on this important subject. Thanks so much to @rad_the_dad , @presentfatherhood , @dad_with_a_crazy_family and @adrianm_30 for coming up and being so open and honest about their own experiences and opinions on Mental Health 🙏🏼

We feel passionate about creating a space where we can talk about men’s mental health in a safe and supportive way. This chat touched on the unsafe spaces that are out there and how dangerous that can be to someone who is reaching out. If you are looking for mental health support, make sure you’re finding it in the right places – you can find some safe places to look for support on our site.

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Discussing Men’s Mental Health

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