Dad Chats Live - World Suicide Prevention Day
Dad Chats Live - World Suicide Prevention Day
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Dad Chats Live – World Suicide Prevention Day

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Dad Chats Live: Talking about World Suicide Prevention day.

Mental health is something we are passionate about here at Dadvengers. So it was only right that we talk about World Suicide Prevention day. This is a topic that really hits home for a lot of our community, and we were so grateful to them for joining us for this important chat.

We delved into this emotional topic, and talked about the importance of raising awareness around suicide to break down stigmas. We also talked about how to reach out for help, and the impact losing a loved one to suicide can have on those left behind. The most valuable thing about this chat is the fact that we were joined by people who have had first hand experience of suicidal thoughts, and losing someone to suicide.

Both hours of these chats need to be seen, please also share them with family and friends – it is so important that we keep breaking down the barriers to getting people the support they need – hopefully these chats will help do that.

Topics Covered:

1. Do you think there is enough awareness and understanding surrounding suicide?

2. Have you had any experience dealing with someone who has had suicidal thoughts? How would you begin to support someone you love that may be suicidal?

3. Laughter can heal many things. So we want to know what’s the funniest parenting moment you’ve had in the last few months?

A Blog Post on the Subject.

One of our Dadvengers community has written a blog post on the subject. It’s entitled A Letter To a Dad Contemplating Suicide – You Are Loved More Than You Know. and the post delves into the emotional aftermath of losing a dad to suicide and it is written by someone who has experienced it themselves. Please read, let us know what you think, and share the post with the people in your lives.

Part 1 Dad Chats Live – World Suicide Prevention day

Part 2 Dad Chats Live – World Suicide Prevention day

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