Dadvengers Podcast Episode 4 – JB Gill

It’s Dadvengers Podcast Episode 4 – JB Gill, and we have another cracking guest for you. He was one quarter the hugely successful JLS. And he is a TV presenter having hosted many shows including CBeebies Down on the farm since 2015.

JB has a very interesting story to tell. From touring the country as a pop star to becoming a British farmer. JB has seen many things but family has always been very important to him. In this episode we hear stories about him growing up and things his children go through now. There are two particularly interesting stories to listen out for. One tells of the time a fox got into the farm and killed some of the Turkeys. The second is about JB’s son Ace. Whe predicted having a little sister before anyone knew another baby was on the way. We are also lucky enough to be joined by Chloe Gill . Chloe is JB’s wife and she speaks openly about how they banded together through the difficult birth of their son.

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 4 - JB Gill
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 4 – JB Gill

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Episode Time Codes

1:12 – JB talks about the positive side of lockdowns and spending time with the family.

3:40 – “I always remember spending time with the family” JB talks about growing up in Antigua and his parents balancing work and home life.

4:55 – “It’s all hands on deck”… JB opens up about his own dad and how hands on he was as JB was growing up – and what drew him back to the country life!

07:42 – JB discusses how he is opening his children’s eyes to farming, the importance of that as an industry and how his children cope with the farming lifestyle!

10:07 – “We literally had a massacre… 20-30 dead turkeys” – dealing with the aftermath of a fox visit with a 4 year old child!

13:00 – JB talks about how he broached the subject of death with his children – and shares advice on how to talk to your children about the circle of life.

17:10 – “We saw a different side to him”, How JB’s son dealt with the death of his first pet.

18:39 – What toys and games are JB’s children into – and does that compare to the toys JB and his brother were into as children.

21:39 – “He started picking up girl stuff… for his sister” – how JB’s son told his parents they were pregnant and having a girl before they had any idea!

22:56 – JB is joined by his wife Chloe and they both talk openly about having a difficult labour and birth with their son Ace…
“All the things Chloe wanted I was trying to enforce”

28:27 – “That’s when I freaked out” – JB discusses how he was scared to lose his wife on the operating table.

31:10 – JB had been paying close attention in the antenatal classes and spoke up for what’s best for Chloe and their baby… “We need skin to skin now!!”

32:56 – The experience of having their second baby was much calmer, and easier than the first.

34:38 – “One of the biggest moments is when Mufasa is with Simba…” JB’s greatest movie dad moment.

37:50 – JB and Chloe’s Parenting superpowers

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I really hope you enjoy this episode. It’s a great testament to how having an enthusiastic and hands on father present, can really help nurture and sculpt our children’s upbringing.

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