Dadvengers Podcast Episode 10 – Jamie Beaglehole

It’s Dadvengers Podcast Episode 10 – Jamie Beaglehole. Father, award winning blogger, influencer and Dad Chats regular Jamie Beaglehole joins Nigel for a fascinating chat about parenthood, becoming an adoptive parent, being an LGBTQ+ rights advocate and coming out to his parents.

Jamie talks openly about his journey to become a parent through adoption – sharing his experience of the adoption process and how vividly he remembers meeting his children. We discuss the in-depth process from training, assessments, therapy like sessions with a social worker, all the way through to the final adoption order, and how that impacted on every aspect of Jamie and his fiance’s lives. Jamie opens up about growing up as a gay man in the 80’s and 90’s – a time of misinformation around the community, and how it was coming out to his parents.

Huge thanks to Jamie for this fascinating chat – we loved having you on the podcast!

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 10 - Jamie Beaglehole
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 10 – Jamie Beaglehole

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Episode Time Stamps

2:37 – Jamie on the adoption journey… “it needs to be complex… adoption isn’t easy”

6:00 – The adoption assessment process.

9:13 – “Hi Lyle, I’m daddy” – Jamie talks about meeting his sons for the first time.

11:47 – Jamie discusses the adoption matching process.

15:28 – The boys moving in, and the impact of adoption on Jamie and Tom’s relationship.

21:16 – Jamie explains the stages of adoption, from training to final adoption order.

25:37 – Jamie explains the reason for starting the blog and how quickly it grew.

29:00 – How Jamie manages his sons safety online.

30:30 – Jamie’s childhood, his relationship with his father, and coming out to his family.

36:13 – The adversities Jamie has experienced as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and how he deals with that.

37:32 – “I grew up in an era which was extremely dark for gay people” – Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s as a gay man.

41:41 – Parenting Superpower

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us. Richard is living proof of that and can thank him enough for his honesty and openness.

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