Dadvengers Podcast Episode 24 – Ben Anderson

***Trigger Warning*** – In this episode we will be discussing topics that may be triggering for some listeners, namely premature birth and baby loss. If you are affected by any of the subjects in this episode you can find support here.

It’s the Dadvengers Podcast Episode 24 – Ben Anderson! This weeks guest is a businessman, a huge name in the online parenting world, and a brilliant hands on dad. He runs a successful business with his wife Sophie, and together they have 5 children. Ben also shares a lot of their life on his hugely popular Instagram TheDiaryOfADad.

Ben joins Nigel to chat all about his parenting journey. We jump into managing work with five children – especially during the lockdowns. We also talk about Ben’s childhood with his own dad who worked his business around his family. He was also a hands on father, doing school runs and supporting his kids. Sounds like a great example of a Dadvenger!

Ben speaks candidly about his experience of twin pregnancy and baby loss. His wife fell pregnant with twins and everything was going well. Unfortunately, at 21 weeks Sophie went into early labour, and was admitted to hospital. Sadly their twins were born at 22 weeks and did not survive.

Ben opens up about the impact of this loss on him as a father. He tells us about how grief affected him, and how he managed it while parenting three young children. We also discuss how he felt when he and Sophie fell pregnant again with their next child. Ben received an outpouring of support online community he’d built and he tells us how this helped him thought this difficult time.

We are so grateful to Ben for joining us and talking so openly about his experiences. We are certain that by him sharing his story this will help more dads going through a similar situation.

Ben, you’re a great Dadvenger – welcome to the crew.

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 24 - Ben Anderson

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Episode Time Stamps

3:51 – Ben tell us about his work and the impacts of the lockdowns. – “It became a challenge when we were back to work with multiple children!”  

7:22 – We delve into Ben’s large family and whether this was always in his plans. “Absolutely not… I business was the priority… then we fell pregnant!” 

9:32 – “Nothing can prepare you for the act of changing a nappy for the first time!”.  Ben on adjusting to being a dad and the times he felt overwhelmed by new fatherhood.

12:28 – Ben on his relationship with his own father. “My early memories are that my dad would be there… he was very hands-on and we had that connection”  

17:38 – “It is 2022 and we are still having this conversation!”. Ben on how he approaches issues around race and unconscious bias with his children.

29:00 – Ben on deciding to have a large family, and how having children changed his focus. “My family was the grounding force for me” 

35:51 – Ben opens up about his experience of twin pregnancy – “I remember a turning point at 21 weeks… she was in labour… I was hanging onto hope”  

43:12 – “I want people to know what we’re going through… the love and support was just insane, I saw social media at it’s very best” – Why Ben decided to share the experience in real time on Instagram in real time.

46:20 – Ben shares the impact of losing his children at 22 weeks, and the effect on other pregnancies. “Once you’ve gone through that loss those things are always going to be there in your head.”

51:30 – “Everyone grieves differently” Ben openly talks about the grief he experienced, and how he managed this while parenting their three other children.

1:01:28 – Ben tells us about the support from other dads who have experienced baby loss, and how he uses his experience to support other dads in the same situation now and reminds us why you can’t always believe what you see on social media.  

01:10:40 – Ben answers your questions! 

01:19:54 – Parenting Superpower!

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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