About Dadvengers

The landscape for men in parenting is vastly different from that of women, and the resources for them are only just starting to be actively available. In contrast the abundance of information for mums has been available for many years, which makes them feel hugely supported. Part of Dadvengers aim is to redress this imbalance and help dads feel just as supported as mums. So let’s find out a bit more about Dadvengers.


To be the leading organisation in the UK supporting dads to have the confidence to be inspiring parents while also promoting positive mental health for men.


To grow an inclusive community of parents and provide engaging aspirational resources, to support and educate dads and create positive fatherhood experiences for families.

What is Dadvengers?

Dadvengers is a community interest company that inspires and champions fathers throughout their journey of parenthood. We are a community, rich in diversity and transformative in our approach to reducing isolation, providing advice and building communities with peer-to-peer support at the heart of all we do.

Inspired by the experiences and challenges of founding director Nigel Clarke, who has faced many of the stigmas that are present in modern day fatherhood. Driven by his determination to ensure that fathers were not alone in their efforts to reach their potential as role models in their children’s lives, Nigel brought together a dynamic team to form the first series of online Dad Chats and face to face Dad Walks in his local community.

Dadvengers envision a United Kingdom in which fathers and new parents are supported in all aspects of their lives thereby benefiting the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of their children and families. We operate with an ethos ‘together we are stronger’ and work tirelessly to ensure that all parents find their sense of purpose, support and belonging within our community and resources.

Core Pillars

There are 4 core pillars that fuel what we do at Dadvengers and they are as follows:

Break Dad Stereotypes

Aid Mental Welbeing

Build Better Parenting Communities

Our Approach

Tackling the issues dads face isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Men don’t engage with resources in the same way as women. Therefore we believe in tailoring our resources and making them engaging to our audience.

We engage dads by building communities through recreational activities, such as our Podcast, Dad Chats, Quizzes, Meet-Ups or Dad Walks. Dads who initially engage with us are not there for support, often they are introduced by their partners and are pleasantly surprised by the relaxed approach and welcoming environment we create.

This puts them more at ease and in turn makes them more open to support. That is when we can really affect change by empowering dads through information and education to enhance their parenting skills.

We find this approach works best as most men will not admit to needing support. However, if you provide a community of like minded peers and show them different ways of doing things, they’re more likely to adopt practices they feel enhance their lives.