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Dad Walks – A Fantastic Way for Dads to Meet Up

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When Dadvengers started, online resources were our priority. We wanted to have content parents could access from anywhere. 2 years on and a global pandemic behind us we realised how important it was to also have dad groups where our community could meet in person. Nothing beats getting out and interacting with other people. It’s good for our minds, it’s good for our bodies and it’s good for our children. Which is how the Dadvengers Dad Walks were born.

Why are the Dad Walks so good?

We’ve been running dad walks for 6 months now and have had over 50 dads attend with their children. Over 60% of those are regulars and more dads are getting involved every week. The sessions provide a great way for dads to meet other fathers going through the same things they are. Listening to the conversations it is easy to see the comfort and relief participants experience in a safe space where where they are not judged.

As well as this, just being outside with your children can have great benefits for them. Such as building their motor skills, improving their eyesight, strengthening their immune system and improving their mental health. For more information on this check out ‘Why Outdoor Play is great For your Health and Happiness’

We currently host walks in 2 locations…

The Arnos Grove Walk

The first and original walk was set up in Arnos Grove north London back in November 2021. The walk happens every Saturday morning and participants meet outside the Arnos Arms pub before heading to the local park and over to the playground. ‘What if it rains?’ I hear you ask. Well if it’s only a little drizzle the walk goes ahead regardless but if rain does attempt to stop play the contingency is to head into the pub for hot drinks and snacks.

Meets every Saturday at 10am outside the Arnos Arms Pub

Dad Walks Arnos Grove

The Norwich Walk

Dad Walks Norwich

Our Norwich walk was set up in February 2022. This walk happens every other Sunday and participants meet at the bandstand in Eaton Park. Once assembled the group head to the playground for a romp around the swings and slides before going their separate ways. As with the Arnos Grove walk there is a sheltered location nearby just incase weather isn’t playing nice. If you’d like to join us on this walk don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Meets every other Sunday at 10am at the bandstand in Eaton Park

More activities and groups for dads

There are more and more dad groups popping up all the time which is very encouraging. It also shows that there is a shift in the way our generation is parenting and we are all for it. That’s why we have also created a list of the active Dad groups in the UK. Take a look and see if there is one near you. Also if you are part of a group and it’s not listed, drop us a line and we’ll see if we can get it added.

Dad Groups in the UK
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