Dadvengers Podcast Episode 40 – Simon Thomas

It’s the final episode of series four of the Dadvengers Podcast and episode 40 is the brilliant Simon Thomas.
Simon is a well known TV presenter and broadcaster. He also went through a tragic loss and became a solo parent to his son, Ethan. Father and son navigated grief together which wasn’t easy. Simon has found love again and has a baby with his wife Derrina, I am so pleased to welcome Simon Thomas to the podcast.

Simon grew up with his parents and two sisters and had a great childhood. His dad was strict but fair, and their relationship was always a good one. He sadly lost his dad a few years ago, and although his dad was never an emotional man growing up, he was more able to show his emotions when he became ill. Something that was hard for Simon but was also cathartic.

Simon became a dad when he was 36 and he loved being a dad with his wife, Gemma. They had a great life together raising their son, until Gemma became unexpectedly sick. Gemma tragically died just days after being diagnosed with cancer. when Ethan was just 8 years old. Navigating your own grief is difficult, but navigating it with a child brings greater challenges.

Since then Simon has gone onto find love again with his wife Derrina. They also have a beautiful new baby girl who was born 8 weeks premature, After her dramatic entrance, their daughter Talitha has gone from strength to strength and is a healthy little girl. Simon is a truly inspirational father and we’re so thankful to him for joining us 💙

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 40 – Simon Thomas

Episode Time Stamps

2:54 – “When we all look back on our childhood there is rose tinted spectacles but without that, mine was great!”
– Simon on his childhood.

4:40 – “My dad was strict, not overly strict… my biggest telling off was when I dropped the F-bomb!”
– Simon’s dad was firm, but fair!

6:10 – “He was more open about how he felt about me”
– How Simon’s relationship changed with his dad as he got older.

13:55 – “I couldn’t wait… I always wanted to be a dad,”
– Becoming a dad.

17:36 – “That moment between getting rid of the dirty nappy and putting the new one in place is key!”
– Remembering how to care for a baby after 13 years!

22:52 – “I got home at 7, by 7:20 Derrina called and said they have to deliver the baby today.”
– Simon’s daughter was born 8 weeks early.

31:08 – “They were saying it was going to be 5-6 weeks.”
– Coming home without their baby.

34:45 – “He is so lovely with her… at the moment she just stares at him!”
– Ethan and Talitha’s relationship.

36:41 – “Three days after diagnosis… I was told she had hours left… Everything changed.”
– Simon talks about losing his first wife, Gemma.

45:34 – “The hardest conversation I ever have to have… I had this sick feeling of how do I do this.”
– How Simon felt having to tell Ethan about his mum

49:33 – “He said what happens now… he was trying to figure out what life will look like. I didn’t know”
– Navigating grief with a child.

55:44 – “Being able to cry is really important for how he navigates… I want him to know it is OK to cry, you’re not weak.”
– Why sharing his emotions with his son is so important to Simon.

01:04:30 – “Without it I don’t know what the last few years would have looked like”
Simon his his faith helping him through his loss.

01:09:38 – Simon’s Dad Superpower.

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