Dadvengers Podcast Episode 18 – Anna Williamson and Alex Di Pasquale

It’s Dadvengers Podcast Episode 18 – Anna Williamson and Alex Di Pasquale. This week we talk to podcaster, TV-presenter, therapist and Nigel’s friend, Anna Williamson and her better half Alex Di Pasquale.

Anna and Alex tell us all about their relationships, childhoods, and the different experiences of having both their children. With their first born, Anna had a traumatic birth and experienced ill-mental health during the pregnancy and after the birth. Then with baby number two, Alex found the adjustment really difficult and needed to ask for some support. They both talk candidly about this subject, and tell us about the impact it had on them.

We delve into their childhoods, and hear a hilarious story about Alex’s dad’s morning routine! We discuss how they parent their two children. Including how they talk about emotions to prepare them for managing their mental health in adulthood. We also chatted about how we can change the stigma around men asking for help with their mental health, and create inclusive parenting groups for dads.

Anna and Alex are an inspirational couple… and the true definition of “couple goals”! They work together as a team through all of life’s ups and downs and we loved hearing about it. Thank you both for joining us – and welcome to the Dadvenger crew!

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 18 - Anna Williamson & Alex De Pasquale(New Logo)
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 18 – Anna Williamson & Alex De Pasquale

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Episode Time Stamps

3:32 – “You’re starting to lose it” – Anna and Alex talk about how they pick up on the small signs in each other!

5:19 – How Anna and Alex’s relationship was impacted in the early days, which brought them closer together. “Our foundations of our relationship are based on grief”.

8:00 – Alex’s upbringing and childhood, from being born in Sicily, moving to the UK at age 4 and being “the only Italians in the village”.

10:43 – Anna chats about her upbringing and family, and how her parents have been married for “donkey’s years”.

13:22 – “I cannot wait… he would barge in and let loose.” Anna and Alex talk to us about their dad’s and we learn a lot about Alex’s dad’s morning routine!

15:41 – “When you don’t feel comfortable… be in your own world” – Alex on how his dad would talk to him about mental health.

20:48 – Anna and Alex discuss the pregnancy and traumatic birth of their first child Enzo. “I made a promise to Enzo… if it’s just me and you I will be the best dad I can.”

25:30 – Alex on the loneliness of being primary carer to Enzo, and the lack of support for dads. “There wasn’t a platform for dads…”

31:09 – “There is a stigma attached to it.” Alex on why reaching out for support as a dad was hard and his advice on how to change that.

32:58 – Anna and Alex open up about how Alex’s struggles with their second baby Eleanora, and how he reached boiling point before talking about it.

40:15 – “When Alex told me he was struggling, it was a weight off my mind.” – Anna on how she supported Alex through the difficult period.

48:29 – How Anna and Alex have started talking to their kids about their feelings. And how they’re preparing their kids to managing their mental health as adults.

52:22 – How do Anna and Alex think we can encourage men to open up, to their partners, and to feel welcome in parenting groups.

60:50 – Parenting Superpowers!

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Another awesome guest that will hopefully inspire others to keep on learning as we parent. There is no one size fits all formula to being a dad we all have to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

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