Dadvengers Podcast Episode 35 – Rickie Hayward-Williams

It’s the Dadvengers Podcast episode 35 – Rickie Hayward-Williams! This week’s guest has been a TV and radio presenter for many years, and currently hosts a daytime show on BBC Radio 1. He took part in the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special in 2022, and co-hosts his own podcast. On top of all that – he is a dad! We’re so excited to welcome Rickie Haywood Williams to the podcast!

After growing up in a stable home with his parents and three brothers, Rickie had a really strong sense of wanting to be a dad one day. But he wanted it to be at the right time. When he did become a dad at 32 to his daughter Lola, he was so excited, but in the back of his mind he knew this relationship wasn’t working out. Rickie and Lola’s mum separated and he had to navigate co-parenting with a young baby. This wasn’t always easy, but as Rickie tells us, he found a way to make it work!

Since then, Rickie met his new partner, Nat, who also had a daughter of a similar age to Lola. Rickie has settled into the role of stepdad to Dusty and loves it! He tells about working to blend their families and ensuring both girls feel equally included – something that is really important to Rickie. But they weren’t done there! Rickie and Nat have since welcomed baby Cruz into the mix – another dynamic to their blended family!

It is so great to hear from a dad who is both a biological and step parent, and to hear more about the joys and complexities of blended family life.
Huge thanks to Rickie for sharing his story with us! 💙

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Dadvengers Podcast Ep 35 – Rickie Haywood-Williams

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Episode Time Stamps

3:00 – “My family was really solid”.
Rickie on his family life growing up

5:38 – “When I found out we were having a baby, I wanted to make it work… but ultimately I needed to be happy.”
Why Rickie became a single parent to Lola

10:47 – “Get rid of the ego… this isn’t about you, it is about the child.”
Rickie shares how he and Lola’s mum created a positive co-parenting relationship

14:04 – “Having to share her with somebody is hard… but he is great”
– Accepting another parental figure in Lola’s life.

18:06 – “My dad is very emotionally closed,… I see a lot of him in my behaviour.”
Rickie on his relationship with his own dad and patterns we learn from our parents!

21:30 – “Once it sunk in, she got a bit jealous. She had her whole life of never having to share me”
Introducing a new partner into his life with Lola.

26:05 – “I am not here to be anything other than what Dusty wants me to be”
Rickie on his role as a step-dad

30:28 – “Dusty is going to see that show as well and there is no mention of her… I thought how I would feel if I was Dusty, it really hurt me.”
How Rickie works to ensure both his daughters are always included in his life, publicly and privately.

34:34 – “I feel like that is one of my strengths…”
Rickie on his strength’s as a dad.

37:15 – “I don’t ever want anybody to feel like left out, or isolated… I am part of that”
Rickie on talking to his extended family about all of his kids!

40:50 – “100% it is different… ! I say to her, we have each other don’t feel you have to do this by yourself.”
Rickie tells us his feelings on becoming a parent again, and sharing the load with your partner!

45:00 – “Never say never, but I don’t think I’m ever having another baby after this… I’m good!”
Why this is Rickie’s last child… for now!!

46:54 – “They grow so quickly, this time around I want to miss as little as possible with Cruise”.
Why Rickie isn’t keen on leaving his son overnight!

54:24 – Rickie’s Dad Superpower

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