Dadvengers Podcast Episode 13 – Sergei Urban aka The Dad Lab

It’s Dadvengers Podcast Episode 13 – Sergei Urban aka Dad Lab! Sergei is a You Tube legend! With over a billion views on you tube, after he turned his hobby of science experiments with his children into a fill time job! He is working hard to share educational toys and science experiments with kids – and we love his videos.

We chat all things Dad Lab, how it was to go viral overnight, and how Sergei educates himself on the experiments before sharing them, when he isn’t from an educational or science background. Sergei delved into his own childhood – and tells us how he helped his dad build a house a kid… even making bricks from scratch! We talk about his two sons, how they love the science stuff, but also follow their own passions, and how Sergei sees parts of himself in his children – especially when they aren’t listening to him!

Another brilliant episode with a brand new Dadvenger! Thanks for joining us Sergei!

Dadvengers Podcast Ep 13 – Sergei Urban

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Episode Time Stamps

01:38 – Sergei chats all things Dad Lab – how it started with educational toys and how it became the viral sensation it is now!

05:40 – “I’m doing all the hard work, but no-one see me!!” – How Sergei’s kids feel about the science experiments and them being recognised as the stars of the show!

07:53 – “A lot of children and parents are different” Sergei’s hope that his channel can reach all parents and children no matter their interests.

09:31 – Sergei talks about his sons, how they share a birthday and how different they are! “My youngest is really into science… my older one loves books!”

11:48 – “Every parent.. whatever advise you get, learns from their own mistakes” – how he has learnt to parent two very different children!

13:06 – “I couldn’t do breast feeding… but everything else!” – Sergei delves into how he became a hands on parent straight away, and how working from home helped him in parenting from day one!

15:26 – Sergei tells us the differences in his upbringing in Latvia, and his children growing up in the UK.

16:21 – “I was about 7… I remember making building blocks” – How Sergei was making building blocks for their family build from a young age.

18:48 – How Sergei balanced school and building, and how it has made him pursue his science life… “I wasn’t the best at school, but I was the best house builder there”!

20:22 – Sergei tells us the things he did, and didn’t, bring from his own upbringing into his parenting.

22:34 – We dive into how Sergei manages his online presence, and how the Dad Lab went viral – and writing his book.

33:26 – Parenting Superpower.

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