Baby Club Book - Play and Learn with your Baby
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Baby Club Book – Play and Learn with your Baby

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Baby Club Book – How it can help you

On Thursday the 6th of February the Baby Club Book – Play and Learn with your Baby was published by DK publishing. Based on our very successful CBeebies show, the book is full of activities that you can enjoy with your baby. In addition, you can also find out about the psychology and child development theories that are the backbone behind each activity.

If you’ve had a look through some of Nigel’s baby club diaries you will already be aware of some of the simple ideas, but this book gives a better insight into how it all fits together. Above all it reinforces how little you need to be of great benefit to your child.

What will you find inside the book?

Play and Learn with your Baby is divided into the 6 sections. Each one has a direct correlation with an activity in the show, making it simple to follow. Especially if you are familiar with the shows format.

Chapter 1 – Hello

In this chapter you will find out how this aids a sense of identity, feeling valued, predictable routines and more.

Chapter 2 – What’s in the bag

Here you will discover many different ways to play with different items and how this play helps your baby learn and develop.

Chapter 3 – Story Time

Here you will find out about the opportunities for storytelling and how that storytelling is beneficial to communication in general. You will also see how you can extend the  learning on the very books we read on the show.

Chapter 4 – Song Time

The songs on The Baby Club are one of the most popular parts. Here you will find examples of some of the songs we use. Plus you’ll discover why songs are so important and see specific things your baby can learn from each different song.

Chapter 5 – Winding Down

Here you will be introduced to learning through calm time, tidy up time and opportunities for winding down. All very important for a parents sanity 😉

Chapter 6 – Goodbye

Finally you will see how this can aid feeling secure, regular routines and building resilience.

Win a Signed copy of the book

I know there are many fans of the show who would really benefit from the knowledge in this Baby Club Book. Therefore I’m giving you the chance to win a signed copy of Play and Learn with your Baby? Read the following instructions carefully. All the tasks listed must be completed to stand the best chance of winning.

  1. SHARE the FB post about this competition. Also TAG friends on the post to increase you chances. (Max 5 tags).
  2. SIGN UP as a Backstage Member to the Nigel Clarke website (it’s absolutely free). This is important as I won’t be able to contact winners unless you are signed up.
  3. LEAVE A COMMENT on this post (NOT ON FB) telling me:- How The Baby Club on Cbeebies has affected your life.

Competition closes Sunday 23rd of February at 11:59pm. There are only 3 signed books up for grabs, so make sure you complete the tasks properly. For full terms and conditions please follow this link.

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