Dad Chats Live - The importance of Reading
Dad Chats Live - The importance of Reading
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Dad Chats Live – The Importance of Reading With Children

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On Friday we spoke all about the importance of reading to our children.

Whether you are a book worm, or you hate reading, we all know how important it is to read to our kids. It can set the foundation for their education and their own love of books. This week we delved into this topic, talking to some great dads about their relationship with reading . And finding out what their kids like to read.

It was great to hear different experiences and opinions on reading. One thing we all agreed on was the importance of encouraging our kids to read from early on.

We also had a good conversation about the perception of “girly” books, and whether that can put some people off. It was really interesting to look at the topic from different sides. Plus we got some great book recommendations! Do you have a book you love that you want to recommend to us, get in touch and let us know.

We’ve talked about a few books about parenting before. Including The Dad Book by Elliott Rae and Daddy and The Two Bears by Gary Anderson. They’re really different books, with very different messages, But both are really worth a look.

Dad Chats Live – The Importance of Reading

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