Mark and Ash – The Stevenson Life

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Don’t be fooled by the name – Dad chats isn’t just for Dads! Ashleigh joined a live one week, and we’ve both been avid fans since. Dadvengers has offered us a real-life insight in to like minded people, the struggles, achievements and laughs that they have had, all with the common bond of being parents (or carers / grandparents etc!)

It really is a welcoming space to speak openly about (sometimes quite hard hitting) subjects that we can all relate to, and often don’t talk about. Trust us, once you’ve joined in once, you’ll be a regular every week – we certainly are!

Thank you Nigel for creating this environment for us all to be a part of – it’s appreciated by every single one of us, and has helped me more than I could begin to explain in a testimonial.

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