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Dad Chats Live – All About Christmas Traditions

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With Christmas just around the corner, we’d have been nuts not to talk about what your family Christmas traditions are! Do you sit around and sing carols? Who is the chef in your house, and whats on the Christmas menu? How do you mix your traditions with other peoples in blended families? Everyone does it differently, and we wanted to talk about all of the ways our Dadvengers celebrate Christmas!

And it wouldn’t have been the same if we didn’t talk about Christmas fails! Ever gone shopping on Christmas eve and found there are no decent gifts left? Burnt the food? Got drunk on Christmas eve and woken up boxing day…? Whatever it was, we wanted to hear all about it. And our lot did not let us down!

Topics: Christmas Traditions, mixing Christmas traditions, and your Christmas Fails?🎄🎅🏾

1. What are your Christmas traditions? What do you do for dinner? When do you open your presents? Do you watch the queens speech? Everyone does it differently, we want to hear your story!

2. Have you ever had trouble mixing your Christmas traditions with someone elses? WIth the new modern family it can be a point of contention!

3. Christmas fails! We’ve had dad fails, this time we want to know your Christmas mess ups. Did you forget to turn the oven on? Were you loose lipped around the in-laws? Come on… tell us your funnies!

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