Dad Chats - Families - Rosie and Daniel
Dad Chats - Families - Rosie and Daniel
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Dad Chats Live – Talking About Families, Good, Bad and Funny

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Dad Chats Live – Tomorrow is International Day of Families. So tonight we are talking about family – of course!

We heard from some of our great community tonight, about their experiences with their own families. Things they would change, things they absolutely would not, and the things that drive them mad! We are all about family life here at Dadvengers, so this was a really great topic for us to delve into. Hearing about the different family set ups and dynamics really made us smile. And made us think about the different types of families there are. After all, family isn’t just about blood relationships.

For the light-hearted topic we asked you about situations that have made you cry with laughter and appreciate your little family. You did not let us down! The stories shared tonight were hilarious, and you really need to hear them!

1. Saturday is International Day of Families. You can’t choose them, and for better or worse you are kind of stuck with them. The best family relationships are ones that grow and change with us. What have you learnt about your family in the last 5 years.

2. What would you like to work on or change in your family?

3. For our light hearted topic we would like to hear about family situations that have made you cry with laughter and appreciate your little crew.

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More About Families:

Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and we at Dadvengers want to celebrate them all! We have had some great chats with LGBTQ+ parents on the podcast – one from Jamie Beaglehole (DaddyandDad) and one from Stu Oakley (@Somefamiliespod). We also had a Dad Chats Live for Pride Month – How to be an Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community.

We’ve also talked to parents of children with special needs, including this podcast episode from Richard Whitehead MBE, and this Dad Chat about Caring for Children with Special Needs and this one about Being a Disabled Parent.

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