Dad Chats Live - Pride Month
Dad Chats Live - Pride Month
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Dad Chats Live – Pride Month How to be an Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community

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Dad Chats Live – as pride month comes to an end, we are joined by Kate from @lesbemums. We focused solely on the conversations this important month creates with our children.

We chatted about how to talk to our children about sexual identity and gender – and when the best time is to start that conversation. Then talked about how to create an environment that makes our children feel happy to share with us. And the best books, films and TV shows that teach our children about the LGBTQ+ community.

Kate shared some great tips into how her and her wife talk to their children about gender and sexual identity – and how different these conversations are to how it was talked about when she was a child. We talk about coming out – and why one day we hope that won’t be something anyone feels they have to do.

Topics we covered

1. How and when did you talk to your children about sexual identity and gender?

2. How can we, as parents, best support our children to feel empowered and confident to share their gender and/or sexual identity?

3. For our lighthearted topic, we want to know your favourite materials that teach children about the LGBTQ+ community (books, films, tv shows or anything else!)

If you want to hear more about parenting in the LGBTQ+ community, we have two great podcast episodes. One from Jamie Beaglehole (DaddyandDad) and one from Stu Oakley (@Somefamiliespod). Both of these episodes delve into life as LGBTQ+ parents, from two dads who are fantastic advocates in their community.

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