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Dad Chats – All About Being a Deaf Parent

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To mark the end of Deaf Awareness Week 2022, we had a special guest join us on Dad Chats. We spoke to Eli from @sign_for_all who told us about the challenges he faces as a deaf parent. When talking about deaf parenting it was really important that we made this chat completely accessible to the deaf community. Sign for All found us a great interpreter, and the chat was supported by Grace from @papboxing.

Eli also told us all about the Deaf Dads Group he formed with Sign for All. He formed the group after realising that the parents groups around weren’t accessible. If you’re looking for support as a deaf parent, or as a hearing parent of deaf children, you can find all the details about the Deaf Dads Group on our Dad Group Page.

Eli has also written us a great post on the subject. The Truth About Being A Deaf Parent in a Hearing World goes into more detail about the challenges Eli has faced in his parenting, and delves into why he set up the Deaf Dads Group. The post is a must read for all parents.

Dadvengers and Sign For All: Working Together to Support All Dads!

Dadvengers are proud to be working with Sign For All to provide accessible content for all dads. Our ethos on Dad Groups and parenting communities align so well. All dads should be able to access a great parenting support community and Dad Groups.

Dad Chats – All About Being a Deaf Parent

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