Dad Chats Live - Religion and Spirituality
Dad Chats Live - Religion and Spirituality
Dad Chats Live

Dad Chats Live – All About Religion And Spirituality

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This week we talk all about religion and spirituality – a really interesting topic! We wanted to touch on how religion and spirituality impacts our lives – what do we believe in, if we believe in anything at all?

If we are religious, how does this impact our lives – and our parenting? How do we talk to our children about these topics? Do you attend religious services? Or do you avoid them at all costs?!

Are your religious or spiritual beliefs different to your parents’ – or your partners? If so, does that cause you issues in those relationships? How do you manage those differences? Can you have open discussions about your beliefs?

We also heard about your mythical creatures… we asked you to fire up the imaginations and describe your perfect mythical create – this is one of our favourite light-hearted topics so far!

Topics covered:

This week we talked about Religion and Spirituality. A really great chat – and some amazing mythical creature suggestions too! The three topics were:

1. Are you religious/spiritual? No matter which side of the fence you fall on, how does it affect your parenting?

2. Do you have different religious/spiritual views to your parents? And if you do, how do you manage that?

3. Many of our kids have told us about the mythical creatures they wished existed. If you were a god, what mythical creature would you create?

Nigel had some unexpected work commitments pop up for the 2nd hour (you’ll see the special guest say hello and persuade him away at the end of the 1st hour) – so Ashleigh and Mark stood in for the 2nd part.

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