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Eddie Pitt

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I first found out about the Dadvengers through an Instagram post under a hashtag that I followed for Dads. It was the caption that caught my attention as the topics for the first Dadvengers live chat was so relatable. I think it is now 13 weeks on since then and I have loved every single one. I’ve met and discussed parenting and family life with a variety of people, even from different countries from different walks of life. I’ve got to know many of the people involved and I am privileged to say they are friends and look forward to the possible meet ups to finally meet them in person. The experiences and stories from other parents has been eye opening. Some I haven’t experienced myself and hearing how they dealt with their struggles is inspiring. Sharing my own opinions and experience from parenting with my own children and step children in hope I can offer some help and guidance to other parents like I have received. The Dadvengers community has grown in an amazing way and it is amazing to be a part of this community, especially for the Friday night banter like we are all a bunch of friends down the pub.

Thank you Dadvengers.

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