Dadchats Live - Mark Williams - Perinatal Mental Health
Dadchats Live - Mark Williams - Perinatal Mental Health
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Dad Chats Live – A Perinatal Mental Health survival story

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Dad Chats Live – This week Nigel discussed Men’s Perinatal Mental Health with Mark Williams from @fathers_mentalhealth
Mark is a well known figure in the UK when it comes to mental health and men. He is the founder of Fathers Reaching Out – an organization with a mission to prevent, treat and spread awareness about fathers’ mental health. Mark is also the founder of International Fathers’ Mental Health Day and has been awarded Inspirational Father of the Year in 2012 and Local Hero at the Pride of Britain Awards. Above all though mark has suffered Perinatal mental health and come through the other side and dedicates his life to helping others get through this traumatic condition. His story is an inspiring and informative one.

A huge thank you to him for bringing his time and knowledge to our Dadvengers community.

A blog post on the subject

Mark has written a wonderful blog post to accompany this chat. As in the chat it covers his own personal experience with the illness and what he has learnt along the way including ;-

  • Learning about Perinatal mental health first hand
  • Being overwhelmed by new emotions
  • Mental Health support for Dads – Where to get it

If you’d like to read the full article please click on the link. And do feel free to feedback your thoughts on this or any of our posts in the comment sections at the bottom of each page.

Mark also has 2 books that he has published on the subject. Daddy Blues and Fathers and Perinatal Mental Health: A Guide for Recognition, Treatment and Management. Both are great resources for people suffering from this mental health illness

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