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Dad Chats Live – Post Lockdown Anxieties

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Dad Chats Live – 21 August 2020, Post Lockdown Anxieties.  

A friday night can only mean one thing at Dadvengers – Dad Chats Live! But this week the technology wasn’t on our side, so the chat was held on Nigel’s Instagram page instead. But don’t worry, the link below will still take you straight to the chat.

So with lockdown over… we are all heading back to our lives, in the new normal. Whatever that new normal looks like for you, we wanted to hear all about it. What has got you anxious about post lockdown life? Has the return to school got you worrying? Or maybe shopping trips, or days out? Maybe you’re not feeling anxious about it at all? Whatever your thoughts, we wanted to hear it all.

Next up we talked about dad’s in the public eye that you find inspiring. As we continue working on bringing you the Dadvengers Podcast, we wanted to hear who you think is an inspiring dad. No matter what it is that you find inspiring, we wanted to know it from you. And who knows… maybe we can get them onto the podcast in the future!

Last up for our light-hearted topic we talked about the worse thing you’ve ever bought for your child. You know the things we mean, the gifts we thought were great at the time, but that never got used! We learnt what gifts to avoid!

Topics we covered:

1. Post Lockdown Anxieties.

2. Who do you find inspiring as a dad in the public eye.

3. What’s the worst thing you ever bought for your child?

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Dad Chats Live – Post Lockdown Anxieties

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