Dad Chats Live - Open Mic Night
Dad Chats Live - Open Mic Night
Dad Chats Live

Dads Chat Live – Awesome Open Mic Night June 2021

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Dad Chats Live –  Tonight we opened up the floor for an open mic night. We chatted all things parenting, and life in general!

It’s been a while since we did this! So we thought it was time to throw over the floor to you! As you know we usually have topics every week, but sometimes it is nice to just talk with no set agenda! We chatted with some old regulars and new friends about all things from parenting to we’ve got going on over the weekend. Then we talked about the covid restrictions! We heard how we are finding things lifting and the new normal we find ourselves in.

We welcomed a new Dadvenger to the fold and heard how they felt about finding our community. It is always great to hear from a new face, and to let them know how welcome mums are at Dadvengers. Having a great parenting community is so important. In fact Nigel wrote an excellent blog explaining Why It’s Important to Have a Good Parenting Community To Support Dads. If you haven’t been at a Dad Chats yet – what is holding you back? Everyone is welcome – and the more people we have there the more we all learn!

Open mic night is always great fun – we love these chats. It’s like a night in with friends, we grab a drink, sit back and always have a great laugh! One of the group was blowing up 300 balloons, what a way to spend a Friday night!

Did you enjoy open mic night? Do you want us to do more of them? Let us know!

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