Learning how to Cope With Anxiety
Learning how to Cope With Anxiety
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Dad Chats Live – Learning how to Cope With Anxiety

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Dad Chats Live – Talking about Coping with Anxiety with Saleema Davies.

Saleema is a clinical hypnotherapist and founder of Papalona. A company that creates audio recordings to support children and parents’ mental health easily and effectively. We talk about the impact of anxiety on our lives, and how to cope with it. She shares some brilliant tips like:

Use Your Body – using breathing exercises to slow the breath and signal to our minds that the threat has passed, and moving to burn off the excess adrenalin that anxiety produces are simple but effective ways to help manage anxiety.

Acknowledge the Voice – we all have that voice in our minds that tells us what we’re doing wrong – Saleema teaches us how coping with anxiety means managing that voice and we loved her advice on this!

In part two, we asked you about whether you are an anxious person, and how much your anxieties affect your every day life.

We also hear stories about a times you were anxious or nervous only to realise after the event there was no need.

A blog post on the subject.

Saleema has also written a fantastic blog post with even more information about coping with anxiety.

It’s entitled How To Manage Your Anxiety, So That You Can Help Your Kids Manage Theirs. And is a great beginners resource to learn more about the things we can do every day to cope with our anxieties. We suggest you grab a drink, sit back and read Saleema’s wisdom!

Huge thanks to Saleema for joining us – welcome to the Dadvenger Community!

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