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Dad Chats Live – Kids, Their Friends and Siblings

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Dad Chats Live – Kids, their friends and siblings!

This week we talk all things kids their friends and siblings.

Most of our kids have friends they can’t see at the moment, and are spending all their time at home! We parents don’t always find that easy! So this week we delve into kids their friends and siblings.

How do we handle friends who aren’t good influences on our kids? Do you act in an authoritarian way? Do you encourage your kids to make better choices and help them see why it isn’t the best friendship for them? We delve into this topic this week and hear from our community on how difficult that can be!

Next up we talk siblings… we hear how our kids are coping with being at home all the time! Spending so much time with their siblings isn’t something most of us did as kids – how are they managing it – and how are dads coping too! Lastly, we chat about the things we have done to make our kids happy – listen out for these funny stories – they’re great!


  1. Friends- our kids have friends that they can’t see at the moment. Some friends are a good influence – some not so good! Let’s open up this can of worms and see what you’ve encountered.
  2. Siblings Kids are spending all their time at home. Some have siblings some don’t. What have you got to deal with and how do you cope?
  3. To what extreme lengths have we done to keep our kids happy! (Hoping to get some funny stories here!)

If you enjoyed this chat and want to share your own experiences, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

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Part 1: Kids, Their Friends and Siblings

Part 2:

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