Dad Chats - International Mens Day
Dad Chats - International Mens Day
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Dad Chats Live – International Men’s Day 2021- Open Mic Night

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This week, we had an open mic night to talk about International Men’s Day 2021.

Did you know it was International Men’s Day this week? Did you even know there is an International Men’s Day? We won’t lie… we weren’t aware of it until this week! And we didn’t see much about it in the media, or across socials – did you?

You know we are all about supporting men at Dadvengers, and that means celebrating the good as well as talking about the difficulties we face. So, this week we held an open mic to talk about the great things men do – the difficulties we face, and how we deal with them on a daily basis. Some of our brilliant community members popped up to share their thoughts on the subject – and this has led to another great chat!

We feel International Men’s Day 2021 didn’t get as much focus as it should have – so we talked about why that might be, and how we can change that… watch this space team… we know about it now and 2022 will be a different story!

Talking about celebrating great men… have you heard our podcast?! On it we talk to 20 great men, who share their life and parenting stories with us. You can find all episodes of the Dadvengers Podcast Here or by clicking on slider below! If you’d prefer videos – all of season 2 have accompanying videos over on you-tube… check them out!

Dad Chats Live – Part 1 – International Men’s Day 2021

Dad Chats Live – Part 2

Did you enjoy this chat? Got any topics you think we should cover…? We’d love to hear your topic suggestions. Click Here to Contact Us!

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