Dad Chats Live - A year on from the George Floyd murder
Dad Chats Live - A year on from the George Floyd murder
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Dad Chats Live – The George Floyd Murder a year on

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Dad Chats Live. This week we revisit the George Floyd murder one year on.

In the weeks and months after George Floyd’s murder, everyone was talking about racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement. One year on – we talked about whether anything has actually changed? Has the conversation carried on after the initial media focus? What has changed?

We are joined by some regular Dadvengers, and some new members, to talk about the legacy of George Floyd. We chat about what we learnt about combating racism, and whether we are doing enough to be good allies. Then, we talk about the changes organisations and governments have, or haven’t made, and what we think they should do.

Lastly, we shared the best books, films and TV shows to watch to learn about racism, including great books for our children. Use the links below to catch up on this brilliant Friday night Dad Chat.

Topics We Covered:

1. One year on from the murder of George Floyd, how much have you learnt about what we need to do to combat racism and do you think you are doing enough?

2. What things (if any) do you think organisations and governments have done better in the year since the protests last year?

3. Tell us about the films and TV shows that you’ve seen since we gave you a list of things to watch to help educate yourself about racism.

More on This Subject:

Talking to our children about race issues can be tricky, but Last year, Nigel wrote a great blog called How To Talk To Children About #BlackLivesMatter. This is a great resource with helpful advice for talking to our kids about this important topic. We highly recommend you take a look.

If you haven’t heard, we also have a fantastic Podcast which is hosted by Nigel, and every week he talks to a different guest about their parenting journey. We have some great guests who talk about racism in their stories. These are from John Lashley (Brooklyn Brownie Company), Elliott Rae, Amos Hurst and Nihal Arthanayake – check them out!

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