Dad Chats Live - Black History Month
Dad Chats Live - Black History Month
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Dad Chats Live – Talking About Race, Diversity And Racism

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To make the start of Black History Month we are delving into the topic of race and racism. This is something we talk about all year round at Dad Chats, but with this being Black History Month it is another great opportunity to talk about it.

We chatted all about educating our kids, and ourselves on diversity, race and racism. Including how we talk to our children about the topic, and got some suggestions for great resources for our kids. We heard about how education in schools and nurseries is still lacking on black history, and what we can do to help change that.

There are so many great resources across our site that talk about race and diversity.

More on This Subject:

Talking to our children about race issues can be difficult, but Last year, Nigel wrote a great blog called How To Talk To Children About #BlackLivesMatter. This is a great resource with helpful advice for talking to our kids about this important topic. We highly recommend you take a look.If you haven’t heard, we also have a fantastic Podcast which is hosted by Nigel, and every week he talks to a different guest about their parenting journey. We have some great guests who talk about racism in their stories. These are from John Lashley (Brooklyn Brownie Company)Elliott RaeAmos Hurst and Nihal Arthanayake – check them out!


1. Do you think you talk to your kids enough about diversity, race and racism? Or is it something you think you need to talk about more?

2. Do you feel that you are educated enough? Or do you think you need to learn more?

3. We want you to share any of your favourite resources for kids, or for parents!

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