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Dad Chats Live –  George Floyd: 2 years on

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Last week it was the 2 year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. We feel it is so important to keep talking about George Floyd and keep working to raise awareness, make changes and educate ourselves and others on race.

In this week’s Dad Chats we spoke about whether we feel anything has changed in the last 2 years in regards to Race and Racism. Are people still talking about what happened to George Floyd, and working to make change? Is race, racism and diversity a topic of discussion in your household? What more can we do to educate, and make change? This is a massive topic, and one that we know we can’t cover all of in one chat – and you know we will come back to it again…

This dad chat was really enlightening. Thanks to @iam_papab and @markgs21 for coming up to speak on the subject and everyone who joined in on the comments. Let’s keep the conversation going.

George Floyd: 2 years on

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